Hightouch operates as a Data Activation platform, sitting directly atop your data warehouse and synchronizing data to over 150 destinations. The platform’s HTTP Request destination allows seamless integration with virtually any API - no coding required.


Blitzllama x Hightouch integration enables the launch of Blitzllama surveys through Hightouch events.

Leveraging Hightouch events makes it easy to personalize and target surveys to the right users at the right moments. This allows merging of quantitative and qualitative data and generates unique experiential insights. Here are a few practical applications:

  • Assessing user experience post-onboarding

  • Identifying opportunities for feature improvement immediately after a feature is used

  • Conducting NPS 30 days post user’s upgrade to a premium plan

  • Gaining real-time insights into why a user abandoned a product journey

Setting Up

The HTTP Request documentation provided by Hightouch is easy and simple to follow. Here additional details are provided for locating the relevant Blitzllama information.

Create a new destination

  1. Go to the Hightouch's Destinations overview page and click the Add Destination button. Select HTTP Request and click Continue.

  2. Next, the UI prompts you to enter a base URL, HTTP headers, and certificate. Only the base URL is required, which is https://events.blitzllama.com.

  3. Click on Add Key button. Put "x-api-key" in the key and "<Blitzllama API Key>" in value.

    1. You can find your "<Blitzllama API Key>" on Blitzllama's dashboard by navigating to Blitzllama's Connection > Backend Trigger > Connect Source.

Sync configuration

  1. Choose request triggers on depending on whether a row is added, changed, and/or removed. Blitzllama uses the same API for all request trigger methods.

  2. You can send a single row or batch of multiple rows (batch is preferable) in each HTTP request.

  3. Specify webhook endpoint as POST.

  4. Customize request payload with JSON. Edit with the JSON Editor. Below is a sample payload and a corresponding Liquid template.

Blitzllama expects a JSON payload like below.

  "user_id":"user_123", //mandatory
  "event_name":"subscription_success", //mandatory. You can freely customise the name. Keep it unique and easy to identify.
  "properties": {
      "plan": "Premium 12 months",
      "start_date": "2023-09-11",
      "count": "2",
      "platform": "Web"

The Liquid template you enter under Define JSON payload should look like this:

  "user_id": "{{row.user_id}}",
  "properties": {
      "plan": "{{row.plan_name}}",
      "start_date": "{{row.start_date}}",
      "count": "{{row.count}}",
      "platform": "{{row.platform}}"
  1. Configure rate limiting and concurrency as per your preference.

  2. Configure error handling as per your preference.

  3. Configure initial sync behavior. Choose "No, skip existing rows". As Blitzllama won't trigger surveys for past events.

Validating your setup

  • Locating Synced Events: The events synced from Hightouch should be visible under the “Events” tab in Blitzllama, categorized as “Backend Event.”

  • Utilizing the Events: The synced backend events can be utilized as survey triggers. To do this, navigate to the “Configuration” tab of a survey. For more detailed instructions, read more here.

  • Using Event Properties: The properties of these events are displayed with each response and can be leveraged to personalize the survey questions. For more information on utilizing event properties, read more here.

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