Event Stream

Events streaming integration with Amplitude enables you to seamlessly stream feedback data from Blitzllama to Amplitude to further analyse the feedback data with user attributes or to create feedback dashboards.


  1. You must enable this integration in each Amplitude project you want to use it in.

  2. Amplitude matches the user_id to the id within Blitzllama to associated events. If user with that ID doesn't exist in Blitzllama, then Blitzllama creates one. Make sure that the Amplitude user_id field matches the Blitzllama id field to avoid user duplication.


Amplitude Setup

  1. Log in to Amplitude, go to Settings

  2. Under Organization Settings, click Project and navigate to project that you'd like to integrate with Blitzllama.

  3. Copy API key.

Blitzllama Setup

  1. On the Blitzllama's dashboard, navigate to Destinations under the Connections tab and click on Amplitude.

  2. Click Connect and paste the API Key into the textbox.

  3. Click Save.

The payload contains the answer data sent on submission of an answer by a user. A sample payload is below.

    "response":"image upload glitches",
    "question_text":"What do you think of our app?",

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