Mixpanel is a powerful, self-serve product analytics solution for your web and mobile apps. By analyzing the actions your users perform, you can unlock valuable customer insights to drive retention, engagement, and conversion.

Blitzllama supports Mixpanel as a destination where you can seamlessly send your event data.

To configure Mixpanel as a destination and start sending events from Blitzllama, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Blitzllama account and go to your connections page. From there, click on the Mixpanel Destination option.

  2. Create a Service Account in the Mixpanel settings section.

Service Account Username: Mixpanel service account username.

Service Account Secret: Enter the secret associated with your service account.

Project ID: Mixpanel project ID which is available under Project Settings.

To set up your Mixpanel service account and get the username and secret, refer to this Mixpanel Help Center page.

  1. Click on Save Button to save all Mixpanel account details.

Data Fields

Here is a sample data that will be sent from Blitzllama to Mixpanel Destination for your destination integrations.

    "time": 1681336135142,
    "response":"image upload glitches",
    "question_text":"What do you think of our app?",

For details on the data format click here.

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