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Push your existing user segments from CleverTap with Blitzllama. We do this using Clevertap's Webhook campaigns which takes a few minutes to setup. Syncing cohorts into Blitzllama ensures you learn more about the same set of users.

Supported Capabilities

CleverTap integration enables the following capabilities:

  • Import CleverTap user segment via one time, multiple dates and recurring campaigns.

  • These cohorts can then be used in Blitzllama for launching micro surveys to the right users.

Setting up the CleverTap Webhook Campaign

CleverTap has a detailed and frequently updated documentation on creating Webhook campaigns on their dashboard. Please refer to this documentation to set up the cohort sync.

When creating a Webhook template on CleverTap dashboard,

  • Set POST as the HTTP method

  • Get the Destination URL from Blitzllama's dashboard (navigate to Connections tab and select CleverTap)

  • To configure Header parameters, set Key to "x-api-key" and get the Value from Blitzllama's dashboard (navigate to Connections tab and select CleverTap)

Identity Property

Ensure Email,Identity and CleverTap ID option is selected in webhook content. Blitzllama will not be able to add user without identity property not enabled.

Use the Synced Cohorts on Blitzllama

CleverTap campaigns take upto 30mins to sync to Blitzllama. Once synced you can view all synced cohorts on Blitzllama's Cohorts tab.

CleverTap's cohorts can be used just like all other cohorts with exception that these cohorts cannot be filtered further.

In case you are stuck at any of the above steps, please don't hesitate to email us at or hit us up on the support chat.

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