The Blitzllama x RudderStack integration enables you export RudderStack Groups to Blitzllama. This helps to launch targeted surveys and conduct deeper analysis.

Configuring RudderStack

Blitzllama Dashboard

Activate the RudderStack connection on Blitzllama's dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Connections tab and scroll to Sources section.

  2. Go to the Rudderstack card and click "Connect".

  3. Copy the API key.

RudderStack Dashboard

Create a Webhook Destination for sending Group events to Blitzllama.

  1. On the Rudderstack's dashboard, navigate to the "Destinations" tab.

  2. Click "New Destination" and choose "Webhook" as the destination.

  3. Optionally, choose the sources you want to route into this destination. Then, click "Continue".

Webhook configuration

Set up the Webhook.

  1. Paste the below URL on the Webhook "Configuration" tab. Make sure the "URL Method" selected is POST.
  1. On headers, add "x-api-key" and paste the API Key copied from Blitzllama's dashboard as Value. Click "Continue".

  1. Go to Transformations template select Dynamic Path and paste the below code.

export function transformEvent(event, metadata) {
    const userId = event.userId; // userId property
    const groupId = event.groupId; // groupId property
    const groupName =  event.traits && event.traits.groupName ? event.traits.groupName : ''; // groupName property
    if (userId && groupId){ event.appendPath = `/rudderstack/hook?userId=${userId}&groupId=${groupId}&groupName=${groupName}`;} // Change property and appendPath
    else {
    return event;
  1. Click "Continue" to finalize the RudderStack destination.

Syncing Groups to Blitzllama

Your synced RudderStack groups will show up on Blitzllama's Cohort tab. You can use these cohorts inside your surveys for better targeting.

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