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Seamlessly export user cohorts from Mixpanel to Blitzllama for better-targeted micro surveys. We do this using Mixpanel's Cohort Sync feature, which enables one-click cohort exports to Blitzllama.

Supported Capabilities

Mixpanel integration enables the following capabilities:

  • Import Mixpanel cohorts via one-time export and dynamic sync

  • These cohorts can be used in Blitzllama for launching micro surveys to the right users

Setting up the Mixpanel integration

A common identifier blitzllama_user_id is used to match users between Mixpanel and Blitzllama. You will need to ensure that blitzllama_user_id user property is declared on Mixpanel user profiles so they can be joined with Blitzllama's user data.

This can be achieved by declaring the blitzllama_user_id in the Mixpanel tracking code:

//Sets user attribute "blitzllama_user_id" to "123"
mixpanel.people.set("blitzllama_user_id", "123" );

Enable Blitzllama integration on Mixpanel's dashboard

2. Scroll down on the Integrations page, find Custom Webhook, and click Connect.

Only the Mixpanel project owners and admins will be able to make the connection.

3. Go to the Connections tab on Blitzllama's dashboard, search for Mixpanel, and click connect to get the URL and API KEY. Under PROPERTIES TO EXPORT ensure to add blitzllama_user_id from the list of properties.

Export Mixpanel Cohorts to Blitzllama

To export a Mixpanel cohort to Blitzllama:

1. Click Data Management at the top of Mixpanel. Navigate to Cohorts.

2. Select the cohort to send to Blitzllama. Select Export to Blitzllama.

3. Select one of the following sync types and then click Start Sync:

One-time Sync: In the case of one-time sync, Mixpanel sends a one-time list of users who are currently part of the cohort to Blitzllama.

Dynamic Sync: In the case of dynamic sync, Mixpanel initiates sync between a cohort and Blitzllama every 30 minutes. The imported segment is updated every 30 minutes to reflect the most recent list of users in the segment.

The cohort name defined in the Mixpanel dashboard appears as a cohort under the Cohorts list page of the Blitzllama dashboard.

Access the Imported Cohort in Blitzllama

In order to access the imported cohorts in Blitzllama:

  1. Navigate Cohorts tab, all the Mixpanel imported cohorts will have the source as Mixpanel.

2. Mixpanel's cohorts can be used just like cohorts with the exception that these cohorts cannot be filtered further.

Mixpanel exports only identified users to other partners, such as Blitzllama. When receiving cohorts from Mixpanel, the user identity is matched in the following manner:

If the blitzllama_user_id is present, it is matched with the identity value of the user present in Blitzllama. If a match is found, the profile becomes part of the cohort. If blitzllama_user_id is not present or does not match with a user profile in Blitzllama, the user profile is not created in the cohort.

In case you are stuck at any of the above steps, please don't hesitate to email us at tech@blitzllama.com or hit us up on the support chat.

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