Link micro surveys require zero setup effort and are the fastest way to get started with Blitzllama. The link micro surveys can be sent via emails or embedded into dynamic components of apps and websites such as banners.

It takes about 30 secs to launch a micro survey! Choose a template from our library and launch it to your audience.

Auto insight generation from textual responses, a well research library of templates for product use cases, and confidence-sampling logic make Blitzllama's link micro surveys significantly better than most user research tools out there.

Including UserId

By default, the link surveys are associated to anonymous users with auto-generated ids (anonymous-xxxxxxx-id). If you want to add user_id to track back the response to the user, you can pass user_id in query parameter in the link url.<survey_link_id>?lang=en&user_id=<user_id>


Url query parameter values used for user_id and auto-fill response should not have special characters. Only numbers, alphabets, hyphens, and underscores are allowed.

AutoFill Responses

AutoFill Response helps to automatically add responses to the first question in the survey. This helps in increasing user response rates and jumping to the next logical question the user can answer.<survey_link_id>?lang=en&q1=<survey_response>


The above example link has Opinion scale Question Type as the first question.

For Opinion scale, Star rating & Emoji rating response value extends from 1 to 5.

For NPS, the response value ranges from 0 to 10.

For MCQ: Single Select, the response will be the option text.

For MCQ: Multi Select, if multiple options have to be added in the response then separate them by comma ( &q1=option1,option2 ).

For Text Input, add the required response in string format. ( &q1=string data ). Please do avoid special characters).

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