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Use these Export APIs to push survey and user response data from Blitzllama to your system.

  1. GET / Export the list of all surveys

  2. GET / Export response data from a survey

  3. GET / Export response data from a survey for a particular group_id by adding "?group_id=<g-id>".

  4. GET / Export survey actiivty data from a survey

Use this Import API to manage user cohort data into Blitzllama.

  1. POST / Create cohorts and and update users in a cohort

The API documentation can be found in this Swagger Link.


Required Credentials

  1. You can find the required credentials to connect to Blitzllama inside the Connections tab on Blitzllama dashboard.

Set up the integration

Go to connections tab in your Blitzllama account. Select Export API and then click Enable.

  1. Copy Blitzllama API Key and use it as Authorisation header [x-api-key] for the api requests.

  2. The base URL for the request would be 'https://api.blitzllama.com/api/v1'.

In case you are stuck at any of the above steps, please don't hesitate to email us at tech@blitzllama.com or hit us up on the support chat.

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