MTU Sampling

Blitzllama provides two primary methods for sampling the amount of MTUs (monthly tracked users) sent to its platform: “Customer Owned” and “Blitzllama Owned.”

Opt for the customer-owned method if your sampling requirements are influenced by specific demographics or other unique market segments. This method is typically preferred by larger, enterprise-level organizations.

Choose the Blitzllama-owned method if your needs are straightforward and primarily focused on keeping within your user threshold. This method is generally more suited for mid-sized businesses.

Customer-Owned Sampling

In the customer-owned sampling approach, the client establishes a system or rules for including a certain number of users into Blitzllama. This method offers flexibility, allowing clients to adjust the inclusion rate as needed. Here are two ways to do it:

  1. Build own function

This function checks if a user has already been selected to initiate the Blitzllama SDK, randomly selects them if their status is not set, and then loads the SDK if they are flagged for access.

  1. Sampling through A/B testing tools

This type of sampling can also be implemented using your company's A/B testing tools by applying feature flags to Blitzllama for designated user groups.

Feature flags enable only selected users to access or interact with specific product features, in this case, Blitzllama. Collaboration with your in-house analytics or data science team is advised to identify user groups and strategize their inclusion in Blitzllama through feature flags.

Blitzllama-Owned Sampling

The Blitzllama-owned sampling is a configuration at the project level that applies to all surveys launched across platforms (Android, iOS, Web and Links) and managed by Blitzllama. It randomly selects which users will initiate Blitzllama and offers no customization options.

To configure Blitzllama-owned sampling, reach out to the your Blitzllama account executive.

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