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Connect Segment with Blitzllama to use push user attributes and cohorts from your existing tools to precisely target users through Blitzllama and generate powerful insights.

Segment integration is in beta. Please reach out to us over the support chat on Blitzllama's dashboard to whitelist your account.

Supported Capabilities

  • We support Segment's Identify and Group calls.

  • Segment's Identify and Groups calls are the equivalent of attributes and cohorts in Blitzllama.

Connecting Segment to Blitzllama

  1. Navigate to the Destination page inside Segment's Catalog tab.

  2. Search for Blitzllama, click on the card to land on the Blitzllama's Catalog page

  3. Select the data sources to send to Blitzllama destination

  4. Get the API key within Blitzllama's dashboard: navigate to the Connections tab, search for Segment, click on the card to find and copy the API key.

Data Mapping

Segment - Identify

Every single traits in Segment maps to single Attributes in Blitzllama. Use Attributes to identify users in Blitzllama. An example Identify call will look like this:

analytics.identify('97980cfea0067', {
  city: 'Bangalore',
  plan: 'premium',
  name: 'Peter Gibbons',
  logins: '5',
  email: '',

For more information, refer to Segment Spec documentation - Identify

On Blitzllama's dashboard, the corresponding data can be found in the Preview section in the Cohorts tab.

Segment - Group

Group in Segment map to Cohorts in Blitzllama. Use Groups to seamlessly sync cohorts to Blitzllama. An example Group call will look like this:"0e8c78ea9d97a7b8185e8632", {
  name: "Initech",
  industry: "Technology",
  employees: 329,
  plan: "enterprise",
  "total billed": 830

For more information, refer to Segment Spec documentation - Groups

The synced Segment's Groups will be available on the Cohorts tab on Blitzllama's dashboard.

Blitzllama accepts unlimited user attributes and will auto accept all user traits from Segment's Identify call.

Blitzllama accepts unlimited user cohorts and will auto accept all user groups from Segment's Group call.

In case you are stuck at any of the above steps, please don't hesitate to email us at or hit us up on the support chat.

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