Personalise the questions in surveys based on a user's attributes or trigger properties.

Using liquid tags, you can personalise parts of a question's text to increase response and completion rates. A user's attributes and properties of backend triggers can be used as personalise. No custom code is required is required to use liquid tags.

Liquid tags

  • All attributes can be used for personalisation. Explore your available user attributes by navigating to Users & Cohorts > All Attributes.

  • The properties of the backend trigger that launches the survey can be used as liquid tags. In the screenshot below, date, time, boolean and location are the properties of a backend trigger that can be used to personalise question texts of that survey.

  • In case there are multiple backend trigger events for a user, the latest backend trigger's properties are used.

All liquid tags are case sensitive. We support all data types including strings, numbers and dates.

Personalising surveys

Survey questions can be personalised by wrapping the liquid tags with "##" inside question texts as shown in the below screenshot.

A user with first_name = Brendan will see the question as:

While if the first_name is empty for a user, Blitzllama doesn't show the liquid tag parameter.

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