Team Members

Inviting Members

Adding your team to Blitzllama enables everyone to share and collaborate on user insights.

To add team members to your project, go to Settings > Users from the left menu.

Admins can also add team members from Settings Icon > My Organization as well.

The invited team members have to verify their email address before they are admitted into Blitzllama.

There is no upper cap on the number of members that can be a part of a project or an organization. Also the number of members is not used for billing calculations, so you can go ahead and invite your entire team!


Each person on Blitzllama has two independent roles: Organization (Admin and Member) and Project (Editor and Viewer).

Project Roles

A project role controls what actions can someone take within that project.

  • Viewer can view the Dashboard, view all micro-surveys, and invite other Viewers to the project.

  • Editor has complete access to all of the project actions.

Both Viewers and Editors can create their own projects.

Organization Roles

The organization role controls all the actions in the non-project space.

  • Member in essence has access to everything but the billing, managing org projects and members.

  • Admin has complete access to all the organization actions. The account used to create the organization account is the Primary Admin. The accesses of the Admin and Primary Admin are the same.

The Organization roles are independent of the Project roles, for example an Editor (Project) can be a Member (Organization) or a Viewer (Project) can be a Admin (Organization).

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