Triggers. A trigger when active launches a micro-survey inside the app. A trigger could be attached to any screen open, button click or other in-app components. The 1-line trigger code has to be added into these components' code, while through the Blitzllama dashboard, a micro-survey can be assigned any trigger.

Attributes. An attribute is a key-value pair that provides more context about each user. Pass the attribute data to Blitzllama via the SDK or from your analytics tools. Attributes are super useful to create targeted user cohorts.

Cohorts. A cohort is a segment of users that are created by filtering the user attributes. Use cohorts to precise target your micro-surveys.

Templates. A template is a set of pre-filled questions that are designed to achieve the desired goals. Currently there are 20+ well researched templates which address the common use cases of product teams.


Retargeting waiting period. It is the minimum number of days to wait before surveying the same user again. This ensures that users are not bombarded with micro-surveys frequently.

Auto stop. A survey is automatically stopped if the data reaches statistically confident threshold. The auto stop can be enabled or disabled for each micro-survey.

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